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Here is a collection of manuals relating to the Wang 1200, 1220, and 1222 word processors. It is not much, so if you have any manuals that aren't on this page and are willing to share, please contact me.

Below, the "Wang ID" is the publication identifier that Wang gave to each document they created. For the 1200 family, these are of the form 700-####. If a given document went through a revision, it was suffixed by a letter, 700-####A, 700-####B, etc.

Manuals (link)
Document Pages Size Date Wang ID
Wang Word Processing Operator's Guide 182 7.0 MB 1974
Wang 1200 Self Teaching Manual 294 3.8 MB unknown
The Why Booklet 40 1.5 MB 12-72 700-0879
Brochures (link)
Document Pages Size Date Wang ID
Wang Word ProcessingTakes the problem out of typing. 6 1.5 MB 9-75 700-3456A
Photocomposition Input Option for the Wang System 1200 4 297 KB 12-74 700-3457
Misc (link)
Document Pages Size Date Wang ID
The service log of my Wang 1220, 1973-1979 2 110 KB 73-79 n/a